Our story goes back to the 1950s, as a one-man operation, for the sole purpose of codifying municipal laws and ordinances, and printing this material. Fast forward 65 years and take a look at us now! We are part of a family of companies, committed to leading the industry, staying abreast of technology and focusing on the needs of our clients so that everyone – our clients and our employees – may benefit. The one-man operation, now known as Municipal Code Corporation or Municode, has grown to roughly 150 employees and 3,100 clients nationwide.

Born out of direct response from our clients, MCC Innovations (MCCi) established a relationship with Laserfiche in 1998. A few years later, MCCi became the top public sector reseller in the world – and still maintains the ranking today. MCCi provides clients with the technology for managing electronic records, documents, and automating business processes. MCCi has grown to more than 60 employees spreading across 14 states and serving more than 600 clients nationwide.

It is MCCi’s culture to be innovative and evolve, with our client’s needs leading the way. We don’t just want to date our clients. We are in a long-term relationship. JustFOIA  is a direct result of that commitment. MCCi gathered a client focus group to understand the strengths and struggles that come with processing open records requests. This focus group has grown over the years and is vital to the development, features and functionality of the JustFOIA solution.

Quick Facts

  • 65 Years in Business

  • Committed to Our Clients

  • 3,000+ Clients Nationwide

  • #1 Laserfiche Reseller in the World

  • #1 Codifier in the Country

What Makes MCCi and JustFOIA Different?

Yes, there are other FOIA processing solutions on the market. What makes MCCi and JustFOIA different? We believe in a long-lasting relationship with our clients. More than 65 years of experience working with public sector agencies, our client-focused products, and company culture is what makes MCCi stand out among the others.

Family of Companies

Largest, Most Experienced Codifier

Creator of JustFOIA

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