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We have empowered thousands of clients all over the country to solve critical business issues and increase efficiency. JustFOIA was developed to be flexible for any organization to track and manage their public records requests processes.


Local & State Government

We have been working closely with local and state government for more than 65 years. We understand the daily challenges our cities, counties, and state agencies face with managing public record requests. We originally worked with city clerks, records managers, and other officials to develop JustFOIA to meet their specific needs. Some key benefits are:

  • Easy-to-use software means minimal training and quick adoption.
  • JustFOIA offers a flat, population-based, affordable pricing structure.
  • Online retrieval of documents helps citizens self-serve.
  • Reporting features help keep you compliant with current laws.
  • Requests data can easily be redacted and archived in Laserfiche or other document management systems.

Law Enforcement

Local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies are receiving a growing number of public records requests. These requests can burden current staff causing other priorities to be left undone.

Key benefits for law enforcement agencies are:

  • Little to no IT resources needed to deploy JustFOIA.
  • Significant reduction in time spent processing requests.
  • Automated tasks and alerts for all departments reduce miscommunication internally and externally.
  • The JustFOIA online portal centralizes all information for public records requests.


School districts, and higher education institutions, all over the country are filtering public record requests from journalists, residents, students, parents, other schools, and more. With so many departments and personnel being involved in completing these requests, it can be a cumbersome process.

Determining which records may be disclosed for public record versus those that should be kept private for propriety reasons to protect faculty and students is a challenging task.  Topics of public interest may include requests for grant applications or government contracts if your education institutions may receive federal funding. A streamlined system in place can help your organization centralize communication necessary to accomplish the growing demand.

  • Easily track public records requests’ progress at a glance.
  • JustFOIA is customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization.
  • Inexpensive pricing structure fits into tight budgets.
  • Accessing the online portal from anywhere around the clock helps staff work on requests around changing schedules.

Special Districts

Local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies are receiving a growing number of public records requests. These requests can burden current staff causing other important work to go undone. JustFOIA offers some key benefits to help alleviate this issue:

  • With no IT resources required to deploy, JustFOIA enables law enforcement agencies to keep IT personnel on their key projects.
  • Time spent managing requests is reduced with JustFOIA’s ability to assign tasks, centralize information, and send out alerts.
  • By automatically notifying people or departments of tasks, JustFOIA can reduce the number of internal communications needed to fulfill requests.

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