Redaction Tools to Keep You in Compliance

Our powerful, integrated redaction feature allows you to upload and redact documents within the system. Automatically redact sensitive data with a single-click or create custom redactions that save time and resources for your office.

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Simple and Secure Redaction

Our automatic and manual redaction add-ons reduce your compliance risks, eliminate legal exposure due to public release of sensitive data, and streamline your redaction process.

Automatic Redaction

Redact documents with a single-click. Automatic redaction features include text search, pattern matching, proximity search, and commonly used formats for sensitive data, such as:

Manual Selection

Keep your response documents completely compliant with the most precise manual redaction features, such as:

Unlimited Users Without Additional Fees

Another great benefit you’ll receive by choosing our in-app redaction tool is it’s available for unlimited users.

Compliance Features

Exemption Reasons

Easily select the reason for redaction from pre-written options (e.g., exemption code, state statute), or create custom reasons for any redaction you make.

Exemption Log

Finalized redaction exemption reasons used in the document can be automatically generated and attached to responsive documents.


All redactions are logged in the JustFOIA redaction audit log.


Once redaction is applied, those areas get burned into the document and cannot be recovered or removed.

Draft Mode

Save a draft of your redactions for approval or to resume working with the record at a later time.


Redactions to documents can be saved and shared with another user to review and approve prior to sending the response.

Redact Records Using Your Preferred Integration

Our automatic and manual redaction add-ons reduce your compliance risks, eliminate legal exposure due to public release of sensitive data, and streamline your redaction process.

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Keep your entire redaction process secure within the platform, hosted on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud (compliant with CJIS, HIPAA, FedRamp, and other regulatory requirements).

This is the most popular choice among our customers.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Easily upload documents from Adobe Acrobat Professional to a specific request.

In Adobe, you can create and edit documents apply redactions, and other features available in the software.


Conduct all searching, editing, and redaction in your Laserfiche solution. Then, easily send your documents to a specific request in JustFOIA with a single click.

Create a seamless experience between Laserfiche and JustFOIA for your users.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

The in-app redaction is available for unlimited users with no additional per-seat costs. The feature itself is an add-on to your existing solution. Contact our sales team for a quote.

Yes. To utilize this integration, each user will need a full Laserfiche license. Don’t have a Laserfiche solution provider? Our sister company, MCCi, is the largest Laserfiche solution provider in the world, with a focus on supporting the public sector and we’re happy to empower your team too.

Your Laserfiche users will appreciate the JustFOIA integration and support the value of an easy-to-use process for retrieving documents. By integrating JustFOIA with your Laserfiche solution, you upgrade streamlining processes to the next level.

Absolutely! Only users permitted by your organization can access the redaction module.

Once redaction is applied to a document, only the redacted version of the document can be released. Unredacted documents are stored securely inside JustFOIA.

Yes. To utilize this plugin, your organization will need to have Acrobat Pro available to users who redact records.

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