Ways to Redact Records with JustFOIA

Redaction Simplified

Personal data requirements by GDPR, HIPAA, and CJIS create a transparency struggle while securing confidential information. Human error can miss one field to redact, and create a breach in security. It is essential to establish a streamlined redaction process to avoid this issue.

See How Our In-App Redaction Tool Works


Automated Redaction Features

Common Privacy Information

  • Social security numbers
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Dates
  • Text Search

Manual Selection

  • Image select redaction
  • Text select redaction
  • Filled rectangle redaction
  • Page selection redaction

Other Functionality

  • Select a reason (i.e.exemption code, state statute, custom)
  • Redaction log

Redacting with Adobe Acrobat Pro


Acrobat Pro Features

This feature allows you to easily upload documents that you are working on in Adobe Acrobat Professional to a specific JustFOIA request. In Adobe, you can create and edit documents, as well as apply redactions, and other features available in the software. Once you are ready, simply click the JustFOIA plugin to upload the document. It’s as easy as picking the request number. To utilize this plugin, your organization will need to have Acrobat Pro available for its users.

Redacting with Laserfiche


Laserfiche Integration Features

The Laserfiche integration allows you to leverage Laserfiche to help fulfill records requests. Conduct all searching, editing, and redaction in Laserfiche, then click the JustFOIA button to send selected documents as response documents to the specific JustFOIA request number. This integration makes for a seamless experience to use Laserfiche and JustFOIA to complete records requests. To utilize this integration, each user will need a full Laserfiche license.

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