Key Features Include:

Import Users
Customized Courses

On-Demand Training

Our video-based, on-demand training for JustFOIA covers everything from basic user functions to more complex administration and automation features. JustFOIA Training can be a resource for ramping up new staff members, helping existing employees brush up on their skills, or teaching your team about new or advanced features. This comprehensive training website provides an easy, cost-effective way to provide training to all users in your organization. Maximize your JustFOIA investment today!

Wait, There's More!

We believe that investing in training for users of all levels is the best way to make the most out of your public records request tracking solution. Take a look at a few of the features and benefits that our training center offers along with additional services offered by our Professional Services team.

JustFOIA Training Center Features

  1. Consistent Updates for New Releases
  2. Align Your Organization’s Brand
  3. Easy Navigation
  4. Usage Reports

Professional Services Offered

  1. JustFOIA Implementation Assistance
  2. Onsite or Remote Enterprise Training
  3. Technical Support Available 8 am – 8 pm EDT

Start Using the Training Center

Fill out this form to request a demo, quote, or more information about JustFOIA. We will respond within one business day. Please note: We do not process records requests for individuals - please contact the agency of record.