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How To Fight Redaction Mistakes

Redaction may seem straightforward, but it can be quite challenging. Fighting through the frustration that comes with redacting documents can …

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What’s New in 2022?

Records requests are the core use case of our platform, keeping our development team focused on new customer-feedback feature requests …

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Top Three Reasons School Districts Face Increasing Requests

Given how local and state governments see huge increases in public records requests, it should be no surprise that school …

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What’s the Difference Between Laserfiche and JustFOIA?

We’re here to make it easy to understand the essential details that our customers often ask before purchasing the best records requests management solution that fits their bill.

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SOC 2 Type 2 Certification Achieved

JustFOIA is SOC 2-certified and maintains the most stringent security standards for public records management.

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Process Records Requests with Ease

Social Distancing? No Prob-llama. Many government offices were hit hard by COVID-19 and continue to struggle to maintain productivity in …

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JustFOIA is 508 Compliant

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the easiest-to-use records requests software, we are committed to abiding by and …

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New Laserfiche Integration Announced

We are excited to announce the Laserfiche integration upgrade is ready for use! The latest release is full of improved user …

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automatic document redaction toolbest records requests trackerCities Counties Higher Education School Districts Special Districts State Agencies Townships Villages

Government Deserves the Best Records Request Software Partner

Choosing the right service provider is equally as important as the software itself. The software may fit the needs of …

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Rapid Response Feature Developed Specifically to Assist During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many states, such as Texas, suspended the fulfillment of records requests. In March, several government bodies …

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Consider the End-User Experience

A smooth implementation can make or break the success of a new solution. When users can understand their role and …

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The Highest Security Assurance is a ‘Must’

Local and state governments are embracing Cloud services as a way to increase their operational efficiency and productivity, while at …

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