It’s the Big 5.0. for Municipal Clerks This Week

IIMC Conference May 2019 photo of our team with a client

May 5-11, 2019, we’ll be celebrating Municipal Clerks Week. Originally established by IIMC in 1969 and supported by the U.S., Canada, and 15 other countries! Municipal Clerks play an important role in our local government and communities.

They are the hub of our government – the direct link between the inhabitants of their community and their government, and the historians of our community – the entire recorded history of their town and its people are in their care.

“No other office in Municipal service has so many contracts – it serves the Mayor, the City Council, the City Manager, and all administrative departments without exception,” said Professor William Bennett Monroe in 1934 and that remains true to this day.

Our Municipal Clerks are called upon daily to possess a magic pool, filled with endless patience, attentiveness to details and eagerness to help.

Municipal Clerks Week Event San Diego County Airport Authority- Featured Clerk Tony Russell, MMC
Watch the IIMC video about the Municipal Clerks Week Event San Diego County Airport Authority- Featured Clerk Tony Russell, MMC.

Serving citizens and legislatures, Municipal Clerks play a pivotal role in facilitating a democratic community to keep citizens informed and active in an open and public decision-making process. As the central hub for government, they help coordinate information with other departments and staff. They serve as a communication link for city councils and the public. Meeting agendas and notices for upcoming hearings and council minutes are published publicly by City Clerks.

“They’re impartial, unbiased, legislative support services,” said Colleen Rohde, CMC City Clerk, Port Moody, B.C. “It’s our role to ensure that legislative intent is carefully documented and that departments are advised of what happened to their proposals as they move through the legislative process,” said J. Michael Carey, City Clerk, Los Angeles, CA.

Why are they so important for our community?

Here are a few examples of what City Clerks do:

  • Retrieve Information, Contracts, Ordinances, Resolutions, and Council Proceedings
  • Authenticate Documents
  • Serve as a Historian
  • Make Public Records Accessible with Speed and Accuracy
  • Conduct Elections and Count Ballots
  • Foster Citizen Participation in the Democratic Process
  • Manage Citizen Advisory Boards
  • Enable the Public to Work with a Diverse Community
  • Play a Role as a Partner in Democracy
Municipal Clerks are Partners in Our Democracy
Watch this video to learn more about the role our Municipal Clerks play as partners in Democracy.

We are thankful for the role that Municipal Clerks play in our communities. The International Institute of Municipal Clerks will be hosting their 73rd annual conference in The Magic City – Birmingham, Alabama, Sunday, May 19 – Wednesday, May 22, 2019. The conference will be full of keynote speakers and continuing education sessions. And we’ll be there too, ready to meet and greet and learn how we can improve your records management processes. Stop by to visit our team and play some corn hole if you’re attending the conference too!

Here’s what our team had to say about why they love working with Municipal Clerks:

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