SLATE Research – IT Use Cases for ARPA Funds

professional man drawing a digital bar graph over a tablet

Industry experts say the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is the greatest opportunity to reinvent systems and better prepare for the future.

What is the purpose of the ARPA funds?
  • Supporting the public health response
  • Addressing the negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency
  • Serving the hardest-hit communities and families
  • Replacing lost public sector revenue
  • Providing premium pay for essential workers
  • Investing in water and sewer infrastructure
  • Investing in broadband infrastructure

There is no exhaustive list of applicable use cases in ARPA funds. There are specific areas called out for technology, such as broadband, cyber-security, and data and technology infrastructure. The guidance is general and primarily requires tying the use back to COVID-19 impact.

The federal government continues to clarify the Acts details by releasing updates on project requirements, justification, and reporting needs. Adding automation in the context of your goals makes for a strong financial justification.
Source: SLATE Research and Consulting

How to Receive the Funds

Eligible state, territorial, municipality, county, and tribal governments may request their allocation through the Treasury Submission Portal. Before completing your request, gather your valid DUNS (data universal numbering system) number, an active SAM (system for awards management) registration, and payment information (including an EIN (entity identification number) , name, contact information, and title of your authorized representative and financial institution information. Request fiscal recovery funds now
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