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20 Years in Business
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Our story goes back to the 1950s, as a one-person operation, now known as Municode, for the sole purpose of serving government agencies. Born out of direct response from their clients, MCCi was established to provide all public sector agencies the services and solutions to increase efficiency and improve processes.

MCCi provides clients with the technology and services for automating business processes and managing electronic records and documents. A relationship with Laserfiche was established in 1998. A few years later, MCCi became the top public sector solutions provider in the world – and still maintains the ranking today. MCCi is committed to leading the industry, staying abreast of technology, and innovate and evolve by focusing on the needs of our clients so that everyone – our clients and our employees — may benefit.

JustFOIA is a direct result of that commitment. MCCi gathered a client focus group to understand the strengths and struggles that come with processing open records requests. This focus group has grown over the years and is vital to the development, features, and functionality of the JustFOIA solution.

What makes JustFOIA different? Yes, there are other FOIA processing solutions on the market, but what makes us different? With more than 20 years of experience working with public sector agencies, we have built client-centered solutions with their feedback in mind. We continue to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients and have been told that our company culture and focus on their success is what sets us apart.

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