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Your Personalized Onboarding Experience

A smooth and efficient software implementation is crucial for user adoption and to avoid future headaches. That’s why we don’t provide an off-the-shelf or self-onboarding process and say, “good luck!” We understand that our clients are investing in software to save time and ensure compliance, and we’re committed to providing an onboarding experience that sets them up for success.

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We work at your pace.

Your Implementation Journey

Our implementation process is designed to ensure a smooth process for administrators, end users, and, ultimately, requesters.

Your project coordinator gathers configuration data and outlines expectations for the upcoming implementation phases. Then, during our “Implementation Launch Session,” we confirm timelines, set critical milestone dates, and introduce you to the public-facing side of your JustFOIA site and request form(s).

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How JustFOIA Works

Phase 2: Configuration

JustFOIA is feature-rich and designed to be configured to your agency’s exact needs. But we also recognize that the number of options and settings can be overwhelming—and let’s face it, it’s not the only task on your plate. Let us handle it for (and with) you!

Phase 3: Training & Testing

There’s no shortage of training resources before or after you go-live. We start with personalized, live, one-on-one system training sessions for administrators and power users, focused on the practical application of the solution through hands-on experience.

We empower you with resources to create an internal training program while reinforcing procedures. For additional support, we provide access to JustFOIA Training Center, our learning management platform.

Following training, your team tests the system to ensure everything is ready for the public launch. Your project coordinator is on standby to make necessary modifications.

JustFOIA Training
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Phase 4: Go Live & Hypercare Client Service

Now, the moment we’ve been waiting for—it’s time to go live with JustFOIA. You’ll receive a press kit to spread the word to the public about your efforts to promote transparency.

We are invested in your success and will be with you every step of the way. During our “hyper-care” check-in service, your questions and requests are our top priority.

Always a Phone Call (or Email) Away

When you’re ready, we’ll transition you to your long-term client success and technical support teams. And since JustFOIA is our only product, you can rest assured that your teams know the system inside and out!

Our Clients Say

This program allows me to stay organized by keeping and redacting all records in the same place.