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Product Features

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Who We Serve

We love our customers!

Our team has more than 20 years of experience working with public sector clients at MCCi. In 2014, after hosting user groups to determine the best approach for tackling records requests, we launched JustFOIA. Our very first customer remains with us to this day! 

We maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers and remain true to our core values, focused on customer success. Our company culture, the support we deliver, and our vision to provide the most powerful and easy-to-use records request software elevate us from our competitors. Although technology is essential for everyone to function in business, the human side of your experience is what matters the most. Those are the most significant reasons why customers choose us, and we can’t wait to serve you too.

We are Experts in GovTech

For your benefit, we have over 20 years of experience working with public sector customers in the GovTech space to gain the insight we have today.

Our team can solve just about any problem related to your records requests management needs!

We Provide Stellar Service

We empower you to achieve success, and carry that enthusiasm throughout your entire journey to modernize your records requests processes.

Did we mention that our technical support team rocks? We know you’ll love them too!

We Are a Trusted Partner

We are a trusted technology partner by customers nationwide, and we look forward to having you join our JustFOIA family too!

Our promise to you is that we will respond quickly, serve you with a smile, and do what we say we’ll do.

JustFOIA is built on the same cloud platform that the Department of Defense and other government agencies trust – Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is FedRAMP Authorized at Level High and can handle data that is subject to specific government regulations and requirements, such as NIST800.171 (DIB), ITAR, IRS 1075, DoD L4, and CJIS. Our IT director on staff is a CISSP too.

Our Customers Say

Leverage Stimulus Funds for Records Requests Management

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provides over $39B in support to organizations like yours. Digitizing your records requests management process is an approved way to use ARPA funds to modernize your services and ensure staff can manage records requests remotely.