How It Works

Let’s walk through a public records request.

JustFOIA is an affordable, easy to use, cloud-based, hosted solution that was created specifically to help your organization manage and track public records requests.

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Public Records Requests Submitted

Toss the scattered paper forms and electronic PDFs. The public records request submission form is customizable to meet your agency’s needs. It doesn’t matter how your public records requests are received, such as walk-ins, incoming calls, e-mail requests or snail mail. We have a solution to consolidate requests! Here are a few of the benefits of allowing online submissions for your agency:

  • Automated Paperless Process
  • Customizable Forms with Required Fields
  • Reduction in Processing Time for Requests
  • Document Uploading Capability

Assign the Tasks

A new request was submitted, now what? In JustFOIA, simply assign the request or task to a department and the assignees are immediately notified based on your business process criteria set in place. Here are a few examples of how you may configure your organization’s workflow:

  • Customized User Views and Permissions
  • Route Tasks Among Various Departments
  • Monitor Fees & Time Estimates
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Complete Communication

Cross-Department Discussions

The tasks have been assigned, and maybe they need a bit more information in order to complete the request. You’ll never lose track of cross-department communications with Discussions. Discussions will help keep everyone in the loop and organized within the request.

Requestor Communications

Do you need answers before processing the request? Stay organized with centralized communication with the requestor using JustFOIA for inbound and outbound emails, as well as tracking general notes. JustFOIA even provide custom templated messages!

Public Portal

Now that you have completed the tasks for the public records request, it’s time to release the information to the requestor. During the life-cycle of the request, the requestor can create an account, check the status, process payment, retrieve the fulfilled request documents, and view their previous requests. And you will be able to do the following:

  • Track the current status of their request
  • Tag fulfilled requests for public view and by topic
  • Set an end date for public posted fulfilled requests
  • Customize the public portal page to match your organization’s branding and website
JustFOIA Public Portal on computer screen
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Comprehensive Reports

Keeping the staff in each department accountable is important for your organization to stay in compliance with open records requests’ laws. JustFOIA streamlines the process and minimizes delays. Here are a few of the reports that are available through JustFOIA:

  • Processed Requests
  • Bottlenecks
  • Correspondence
  • Time and Materials
  • Fees Totals
  • Payment Details
  • Request Data Table
  • Deleted Requests
  • Customize Your Own Reports
  • and we’re always adding more!

Additional Features

Time & Material Calculations

Fee & Invoice Management with payment processing through or PayPal

The JustFOIA system is hosted in Azure’s Government Cloud infrastructure, which meets the requirements of CJIS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and other regulatory programs.


Laserfiche Integration

JustFOIA Laserfiche Integration

Leverage the power of Laserfiche to search, edit, and redact. With one-click in the JustFOIA menu, send selected documents directly to the specific request. This integration also provides a seamless export to your Laserfiche solution.

Adobe Redaction Integration

JustFOIA Adobe Redaction Integration image

Use Adobe to create, edit, redact, and prepare documents for request fulfillment. Uploading documents to JustFOIA is as easy as picking the request number.

See JustFOIA in Action. Request a Demo.

JustFOIA is priced to be very affordable. We just need a little information and we will be happy to send you a quote.