How It Works

Records requests management made easy.

JustFOIA is the easiest-to-use records requests software, that manages every step of the process from intake to delivery. Let’s walk through what processing a request on JustFOIA looks like.

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Receive a Records Request

Toss the scattered paper forms and electronic PDFs. The records request submission form is customizable to meet your organization’s needs. It does not matter how your public records requests are received, such as walk-ins, incoming calls, e-mail requests, snail mail, or even written on a napkin – we hear it all! We have the best solution to consolidate your organization’s requests and allow for electronic requests.

How does your agency benefit from online form submissions?

  • Submit Requests Anonymously
  • Automates Paperless Processes
  • Creates Accounts for Requesters to Track the Status of Their Request
  • Customizes Forms with Required Fields
  • Reduces Processing Time for Requests
  • Uploads Documents
  • Establishes Request Forms for Each Department
  • Embeds on Your Website
  • Enter Verbal or Written Requests on Behalf of the Requester

Security Assurance

JustFOIA is deployed using best practices in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud infrastructure, which meets the requirements of CJIS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and other regulatory programs. Learn more about JustFOIA’s security features.

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Assign Tasks Across Departments

A new request was received, now what? In JustFOIA, simply assign the request or task(s) to a department and the assignees are immediately notified, based on your business process criteria set in place.

Here are a few examples of how you may configure your organization’s workflow:

  • Customize User Views and Permissions
  • Monitor Fees & Time Estimates
  • Route Tasks Among Various Departments
  • Reassign Tasks for Escalation When Needed

Ready to see it in action?

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Drive Workflows Based on Status

By default, a user does not have permission to manage, escalate, approve, or reassign tasks. However, a user does have permission to complete tasks assigned directly to them or a department the user is a member of.

By creating a new request workflow, a user can assign custom or predefined tasks to given users or departments.

Workflow Benefits:

  • Never miss a deadline
  • Escalates tasks to a supervisor within a specified time frame
  • Empowers your agency to stay in compliance based on state, and local laws
  • Routes tasks based on your process
  • Pauses due dates when needed
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Communicate with Everyone

Departmental Discussions

The tasks are assigned, and maybe your team needs a bit more information before completing the request. You will never lose track of cross-departmental communications with Discussions. Discussions will help keep everyone in the loop and organized within the request.

Requester Communications

You may need more information before processing the request. Stay organized with centralized communication to the requester using inbound and outbound emails through the request. You can track general notes as well. Choose from customizable template messages too and maintain consistency in your communications with your citizens and vendors.

Centralized Communications Benefits:

  • Prevents the inability to see conversations with team members and requesters on individual email accounts
  • Allows another staff member to handle fulfillment details if someone is out of the office
  • Allows admins, managers and others to check the status of a request and see all threads of communication in a central location

Active Directory/Single Sign-On

Our JustFOIA authentication system enables Single Sign-On (SSO) for using Azure Active Directory. This feature allows users to login via their current active directory account instead of using the username and password authentication within the JustFOIA application. This option eliminates the need for users to maintain two sets of credentials, makes it easier for IT to maintain security protocols, and gives you more control for managing user changes.

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Estimate Time & Materials

Part of processing records requests means that your organization can recover costs for the time and materials needed to complete the inquiry. This feature tracks both the estimated and actual time and materials a department may need to complete a request. When determining fee assessments for fulfilling requests, the time and materials tab is available from the workflow tab.

Items that our clients charge requesters are the following:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Paper
  • Incremental Time Blocks
  • and more!
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Give Access to a Public Portal

Now that you completed the tasks for the public records request, it is time to release the information to the requester. Of course, you may respond to the requester with the processed records and leave it at that. However, if it is a commonly requested record, why not make it available for the public to access by doing a search on your public portal?

During the life-cycle of the request, the requester can create an account (or submit anonymously), check the status, process payment, retrieve the fulfilled request documents, and view their history of requests.

Public portal options available:

  • Customize the public portal with your organization’s brand
  • Embed the public portal on your website
  • Provide commonly requested documents publicly (optional)
  • Tag fulfilled requests by category for public access
  • Set an expiration date for publicly posted records
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User Permissions

Our clients spoke and we listened. This was a highly requested feature that we are excited to launch in the newest version of JustFOIA 4.0!

Types of users:

  • Basic
  • Power
  • Administration

Let's reduce your processing time down to minutes!

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Analyze Comprehensive Reports

Keeping the staff in each department accountable is important for your organization to stay in compliance with FOI laws. JustFOIA streamlines the process and minimizes delays.

A few of the reports you can generate through JustFOIA are:

  • Deleted Requests
  • Bottlenecks
  • Correspondence
  • Customizable Reports
  • Fee Totals
  • Payment Transaction Details
  • Processed Requests
  • Requests Data Table
  • Time & Materials
  • and more!
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Manage Fees & Invoices

This feature is for adding and issuing fees as well as logging payments. Reduce the number of phone calls to have a clerk handwrite credit card numbers throughout the day, improve security, and provide daily transaction reports to your finance department. Shave hours of manual work processing payments.

We offer a few options for payment processing:

How do you currently process payments?

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