How It Works

Records requests management made easy.

JustFOIA is the easiest-to-use records requests software that manages every step of the process from intake to delivery. Let’s walk through what processing a request on JustFOIA looks like.

How JustFOIA Works

Let's Walk Through the Process of a Records Request

Receive a Records Request

Web-based records requests submission forms are customizable to meet your organization’s needs. You can have as many forms as you would like and design a unique form to each request type. 

Once the request arrives in the dashboard, you can take it from there!

Capabilities and Benefits

Manage the Process with Workflow

By creating a new request workflow, a user can assign custom or predefined tasks to given users or departments. Collaborate in-app to complete tasks, gain approvals, process and redact requested records, and securely deliver to requestor automagically!

With workflows, your ability to simplify your process is powered by your imagination.

Process Automation Benefits

Communicate with Everyone

While processing the request, it’s a breeze to communicate with all departments involved to ensure nothing gets missed in the steps needed to complete the response. 

When you need additional information from the requester, reply via the request — it’s that easy!

Operational Benefits

Invoice & Collect Payments Online

Your organization can recover costs for the time and materials needed to complete each inquiry. Gone are the days of fielding phone calls and handwriting credit card numbers. Improve security, and provide daily transaction reports to your finance department.

Operational Benefits

Deflect Common Requests

Now that you completed the tasks for the public records request, it is time to release the information to the requester. Requesters can securely access the redacted, approved records via the public portal. Of course, you may respond to the requester with the processed records and leave it at that. However, if it is a commonly requested record, why not make it available for the public to access by publishing it on your public portal?

Public Portal Options

Process Optimization Driven By Analytics

Discover bottlenecks, hold staff accountable for delays, make process improvements and measure impact. Evolve and optimize with JustFOIA reporting. 

Reports provide insight into the daily operations in a zoomed out view. Stay in compliance with freedom of information laws and streamline processes to minimize delays through reporting.

Reporting Benefits

Now That You've Seen Just How Easy It Is