Product Features

Empowering you to bring the most outstanding value to your organization’s user experience is a vital part of our developmental focus. Our goal is to take the pain out of processing records requests by offering innovative functionality so your team can say “no prob-llama” to processing records requests.

any and all Folder with electronic files incorporated

Any and All Email Document Management

See how our client saved up to 60 percent more time by processing any and all email requests through our FOIA software. You can too!
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JustFOIA Public Portal

Public Portal

Direct citizens to an online experience to submit and track their requests, and eliminate unnecessary work by systematizing the process.
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clip board in front of laptop

Custom Forms

This is where it all begins – digital forms allow you to quickly collect the information you need to work in a paperless environment from the start!
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workflow image

Workflow Automation

Streamline your current records request response time by automating repetitive tasks and communications through process mapping.
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magnifying glass in front of envelope with paper


You can finally give your inbox a break. Create transparency and simplify your communications both internally and externally with our solution.
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marker redacting paper


Automatically redact sensitive data with a single-click or create custom redactions that save time and resources for your office.
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invoice and credit card with laptop

Payment Portal

Imagine the ability to add and issue fees for records requests, invoice requestors, and log payments in one centralized interface.
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justfoia + laserfiche logos on a monitor

Laserfiche Integration

Laserfiche and JustFOIA are the perfect power pack of automation for simplified records requests and enterprise content services.
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security guard with lock and shield


Our team works around the clock to ensure hackers and cybersecurity offenders with malicious intent aren’t a part of the equation, ever.
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clouds with lock and user credentials for sso

Single Sign-On

Never remember a password again. Take the first step in enhanced sign-on security with a smooth user experience.
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pages with reports


Keeping the staff in each department accountable is essential for your organization to comply with state and federal records request laws.
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man teaching


Best-in-Class Training — Guaranteed. We believe that providing educational opportunities plays a role in your success.
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Additional Use Cases

You’re unique, and the way your organization operates is too. Below are examples of ways to utilize JustFOIA to process all kinds of requests. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next one to innovate another use case!