About Us

Our solution originated in 2014 as software developed by our sister company MCCi, a team of public sector business process automation experts. Although we function as separate companies, our core values remain the same to ensure we operate in the Customer Lane. Your journey to modernizing records requests processes matters to us.

Our vision is to offer the most powerful and easy-to-use records requests software.

Who Are We?

JustFOIA's team members with Linda the Llama
Several JustFOIA team members pose with Linda the Llama at our Llamapaloosa event

We are a GovTech company providing the easiest-to-use records request management software to agencies nationwide. JustFOIA manages every step of the process from intake to delivery, saving valuable time through automating repetitive tasks, reminders, and communication with requesters and responders. Read more about how it works.

Our mission is to build public trust between our customers and their communities through technology.

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality customer service, training, user groups and technical support. With a 98% customer renewal rating, our team operates in the customer lane, putting our customers’ needs first, always. We listen well, respond fast, and exceed expectations — we want to do this for you too!

We Operate in the Customer Lane

Customers are the heart of our company and culture. Their needs provide the trajectory of our service and product offerings, and growth – personally and professionally. We are not a company whose departments operate independently, rather, we create a collaborative environment with a common goal to support our customers. Working in silos would risk losing focus on our destination – our customer’s success. We are all on this adventure together in one lane, the Customer Lane. 

JustFOIA has the most committed, intelligent, and innovative professionals in the industry. We are a team ready to create next-level results with the courage to try something new. Without focusing on our customers, we will not reach our destination. Customers First, Always.

Focus Groups Drive Our Software's Development Success


JustFOIA is a direct result of our commitment to our customers’ success. Our team of experts formed a Customer Focus Group to understand the pain points that come with processing records requests for the public. The focus group continues to grow over the years, and it plays a vital role in the developmental roadmap, features, and functionality that it provides your organization. We also schedule monthly trainings for administrators and users with open forum Q&A sessions.

What Makes Us Different?

We know there are plenty of other products to choose on the market, so why choose us? With 20-plus years experience working with public agencies, we built a customer-centric solution with their feedback in mind. Our team maintains long-lasting relationships with our customers, and they are the heart of why we do what we do.

Our fun company culture, the support we provide, and our focus on your success make us stand out from our competition. We do what’s right and stand by our words with action. Your voice is heard here. See our customer reviews on G2.

Our CEO, Donny Barstow, with Municipal Clerks at an IIMC Baseball Themed Event

Our Core Values

We are Fanatical About Customer Success.

Success starts with our eagerness to understand our customers' goals. We know that excellent service, education, and follow-up are all part of the success life cycle – and we do it well.

We Do the Right Thing. Always.

We care deeply about serving our customers and maintaining a solid reputation for always doing what’s right – even when it’s not easy. We know that the work we do has a big impact on our customers' lives and are committed to doing that work with the highest integrity and character level.

We Innovate and Evolve.

Our growth initiatives are based on what our customers need and where they are headed. We understand that we must continuously evolve and improve to support sustainable growth.

We are Fueled by Crushing Goals.

We set aggressive goals, crush them, celebrate, and do it all over again. We think it’s FUN!

We are Unreasonably Picky about Our Teammates.

We believe that the execution of team goals requires excellence at every level. Each team member must enjoy their work and excel at doing their part.

We Expect and Empower our Team to Grow.

No explanation needed.