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Are Centralized Records Requests the Right Solution?

Counties play an essential role in our nation’s democracy. County government services are responsible for conducting elections, collecting taxes, providing …

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How To Fight Redaction Mistakes

Redaction may seem straightforward, but it can be quite challenging. Fighting through the frustration that comes with redacting documents can …

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The Curious History and Evolution of FOIA

Given that JustFOIA’s modus operandi empowers your agency to fulfill information requests safely, securely, and efficiently, it only makes sense …

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Taking the Conversation From Head to Heart

Contributor: Ashley Di Blasi, Project Coordinator for JustFOIA Municipal Clerks are the heartbeat of our communities. Closing my eyes, I …

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Top Three Reasons School Districts Face Increasing Requests

Given how local and state governments see huge increases in public records requests, it should be no surprise that school …

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What’s the Difference Between Laserfiche and JustFOIA?

We’re here to make it easy to understand the essential details that our customers often ask before purchasing the best records requests management solution that fits their bill.

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The Focus on Citizen Experience Improves Trust in State and Local Government

Make the switch from citizens standing in line by giving access to public records online.

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Police Reform and Its Impact on Public Records Request (Infographic)

This dynamic legislative landscape coupled with the ever-increasing number of public information requests requires a proactive approach to ensure your agency’s compliance with these new laws and resilience in times of dramatic change.

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american rescue planARPAARPA

ARPA vs. CARES Act Stimulus Funds – What’s the Difference?

“This is a chance to make a generational investment in local government and education to help them prepare and be …

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ARPA FAQs and Myth Busters with the Experts

We partnered with SLATE Consulting to answer your most-asked questions about the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). When will governments …

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Records Requests on the Rise

According to a recent survey, one of the top challenges facing government agencies processing FOIA requests is handling the volume …

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SLATE Research – IT Use Cases for ARPA Funds

Industry experts say the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is the greatest opportunity to reinvent systems and better prepare for …

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