COVID-19 Budget Response for Essential Software

piggy bank depicting a budget

The term essential is a trending term for the past few months. Essential workers. Essential services. What does it mean for essential software? We have experienced an increase in customers during the COVID-19 time. As we build relationships with our customers, we asked them – why now? Why is JustFOIA an essential software? The information below is a summary of their responses.

Safety First

First and foremost, we must protect our community and our employees. Many industries offered curbside service and increased their take-out menu. This innovation allowed the business to serve its customers and maintain safety for everyone. The same is true for any government agency. Our customers want to create the same innovative services to maintain the quality and quantity of their services.

Reduced foot traffic in public buildings creates a positive experience for our requesters.

Customer Experience

Consumers expect online services and transactions. The ability to submit a request, process payment, and receive documents electronically is the standard of today. Our customers quickly realized that even with a fillable PDF or online form, the ability to email the requested documents is limited by the file size. A request management software, like JustFOIA, provides a secure portal for our requesters to download the requested documents with no file size restrictions.

Expectations of Efficiency

There is plenty of research, surveys, and statistics published that say what we all know to expect. The pandemic will impact public-funded budgets. JustFOIA customers shared their concerns of doing more with less resources, on top of their current responsibilities. They identified the immediate need to simplify and streamline processes – even complex processes. One of our customers in Idaho is scheduled to retire at the end of the year. The biggest concern was the records requests process, and who can handle the work-load. She developed a plan to expand the staff. Then, she discovered JustFOIA. She quickly saw the time and budget savings and knew JustFOIA is essential software. Now, her team is set up for success upon her retirement.

The Growing Need

JustFOIA survey results compiled from 1,200 municipal clerks revealed that 70% say they have the same amount or more requests during this pandemic, and 30% expect the requests to increase in the coming months.

Think beyond a “normal” environment. The requests increase with each pandemic, natural disasters, high-interest government situations, and health responses. Agencies can proactively post requested documents in an online portal to reduce fulfilling the same requests multiple times. A secure portal with advanced search and scheduled release dates maintains safety, increases the customer experience, improves efficiency, and completes the growing need for a solution.

What’s Next?

In collaboration with our new customers, we prepared a document to support your budget request for the JustFOIA solution.

Interested in learning more about how you can leverage JustFOIA for remote operations? Contact us today!