Level Up Your Learning on the Training Center

JustFOIA Training Center screenshot

JustFOIA customers have access to a tremendous resource with a robust video library containing instructional videos for both new and seasoned users. The Training Center team will consistently produce new content based on updates and user feedback.

The JustFOIA Training Center videos cover topics like user access types, how to create a user, how to route a request, specialty setting instructions for administrators and power users, and much more. Many of the videos include quizzes for interactive learning too.

JustFOIA Training Center screenshot for Twitter post

The JustFOIA Training Center is here to assist users in getting the most out of their public records request tracking solution.

The JustFOIA Training Center team will be periodically sending out updates on new additions to the video library. We want to keep it fresh for you! New videos, new quizzes, and even a gamification challenge called ‘level up’.

JustFOIA Training Center gamification icons
Level up – participate in enough activities and you’ll earn yourself a spot at the next level and a brand new badge.

As a bonus, the JustFOIA Training Center can be used to host specific company training content as well! Perhaps you have a training program you would like to implement? The Training Center team will work with your organization to grant privileges to build a course or courses for your very own Learning Management Platform. Host videos, quizzes, and even create certification courses.

Interested in learning more about the JustFOIA Training Center? Contact us today!