Police Reform and Its Impact on Public Records Request (Infographic)

police department graphic

Governors in nearly every state collectively signed 243 bills over the past year (2021) meant to change policing in the U.S. The dynamic legislative landscape of new laws coupled with the ever-increasing number of public information requests requires a proactive approach to ensure your agency’s compliance with these new laws and resilience in times of dramatic change.

The infographic provided below summarizes the current legislative landscape in our country.

The volume of requests for the first quarter of 2021 showed at 286% increase in the amount of time spent on processing requests, in addition to a 35% increase in requests.

What are you doing to prepare for the impending increase in reporting and transparency these new bills require? 

Law Enforcement Infographic
LE Resources

Here are a few resources that bring more light to the issues we know law enforcement agencies like yours face processing requests to meet the demands and compliance:

  1. 6 Steps Law Enforcement Agencies Should Take as New Laws Change How Police Records Requests are Handled
  2. Legislative Responses for Policing – State Bill Tracking Database

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