We Serve Law Enforcement

We know you need a better way to manage your records requests. Though requests are on the rise, they are still dominated by manual and paper processes and hard-to-use software products. 

Your Police Department or Sheriff’s Office can easily process records requests for accident reports and more. Make it easy for citizens to request and pay online. We consider it a privilege to serve you, and thank you for protecting and serving our communities.

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Built to Tackle Requests

JustFOIA is a client success-dedicated records request software platform, built by MCCi – a leader in government modernization serving over 1,400 clients across the nation since 2003. Our experience working with Law Enforcement agencies gives you the advantage.

CJIS ACE is the first and only industry standard process for compliance according to the FBI CJIS Security Policy. Learn more about how our security features protect your data.

Modernize Your Response Processes

Centralize Requests Management

Your customized portal logs all relevant request information. Instantly know the status of every one at a glance.

Keep Your Citizens Informed

Centralized, public portal for anyone to search, submit, track, correspond and pay.

Minimize Security Risks

Your data is encrypted and protected by world-class security and compliance infrastructure.

Build Efficiency Through Redaction

Quick and painless in-app and integrated options to protect sensitive data.

Save Time Through Workflow Automation

Let JustFOIA handle the details of notifications, reminders, escalation, routing and tracking.

Gain Performance Insight

Detailed reporting provides a bigger picture of your process.

Keep Your Organization in Compliance

Our solution allows for unlimited users from the start. You may include internal departments, records custodians, external agencies, third parties, and anyone else it takes to complete your response process. Meet regulatory compliance and retention standards for your laws.

Our Clients Manage These Common Request Types

Releasing large video and audio files like bodycam footage, 911 calls, and other types becomes a breeze with our Public Portal. The best part? There is no limitation on file size or type – a big bonus for your organization!

Police Agencies Prepare for Records Requests Spikes


Watch this video to learn top trends in law enforcement records requests and how agencies leverage the latest technology to take the stress out of each request.

Best-in-Class Software Security

Protecting your solution and information is our highest priority. Our team works around the clock to ensure hackers and cybersecurity offenders with malicious intent aren’t a part of the equation, ever. We aim to surpass industry standards for security measures we take to protect you. Here’s how we do it:

24/7 Threat Defense Monitoring

Brookhaven Converts Their Police Department to JustFOIA

We had over 400 open requests that were backlogged, and they were able to get it down to a manageable number of 40 to 60.

After implementation, we also added payments through JustFOIA, which was also appealing to our police department, as previously, you had to go into the office to make payments. Once they were on board, we helped them create templates, emails, and workflows using the platform, and as of this year, they are all up-to-date with no backlog.