7 Ways to Empower Your Staff To Work Remotely with JustFOIA

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To our valued customers,

At all times, MCCi is committed to putting our clients and employees at the center of all we do. The health and safety of our employees, clients, and business partners continue to be our number one priority.

The one common thread across all MCCi solutions is the focus on providing digital access to records, as well as business process automation. We know you heavily depend on us when it comes to Business Continuity. In this light, please know that we are here for you during these challenging times.

MCCi enacted our internal Remote Work and Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure continued operational support of your organization. A large portion of our team is already remote and spread across the country. Our corporate office is prepared to work remotely and available to provide the service and support you have come to rely on with your JustFOIA team.

Rest assured, your JustFOIA solution is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud environment, and is constantly monitored by MCCi. We are here to support your business continuity efforts so you can be there for your stakeholders.

We are sensitive to how COVID-19 may be affecting your organization. MCCi is your trusted partner to make sure you are taking advantage of your solution to the fullest to serve your constituents.


Donny Barstow, President & CEO

Many organizations are preparing to telecommute. Here are a few ideas on how to quickly leverage your JustFOIA solution in the event your staff needs to work remotely:

1. Rapidly Go-Live With Your Implementation

If you have recently purchased JustFOIA and have not yet gone live, you may want to consider expediting the process so that you and your constituents can take advantage of the benefits.

2. Review Your Public Portal

Ensure you have made the Public Portal live and available so that constituents can submit requests, receive request documents, etc.

3. Avoid Manual Redaction Mistakes

The new built-in JustFOIA Redaction module, this is a helpful resource if your staff shifts to remote work and need a fully integrated/electronic method for redacting records. Sharpies to block out text is not ideal for a remote work environment!

4. Update Your Request Forms

If you plan to have any office closures or any other information that you want to list on your public-facing forms, MCCi support is ready to help if you need assistance.

5. Adjust Your Calendar in the Event of a Closure

You can manually adjust your holiday schedule in the calendar options, to ensure non-working days won’t count in the response time.

6. JustFOIA Supports Other Types of Requests

JustFOIA can support other processes to give your constituents/customers better access to your services without the need to travel to your location physically. Our customer success team is happy to explore those opportunities with you, simply email us at customersuccess@justfoia.com.

7. Take Advantage of the New Training Center for JustFOIA

You are registered as a user on The Training Center for JustFOIA. If you have an issue logging in, please contact our customer success team. This resource provides virtual training to your internal users, and you can also post your record request policies, and custom training resources. This is helpful if you are moving to a more remote work environment.
Interested in learning more about how you can leverage JustFOIA for remote operations? Contact us today!