On the Twelfth Day on JustFOIA – Recoup Costs

On the Twelfth Day on JustFOIA - recouping costs image

On the twelfth day on JustFOIA, my Clerk said to me, we saved so much time and more than recouped our costs by adapting this solution for our team, yippee!

As we come up to the holiday season, we should never lose sight of the Spirit of Giving. By giving clients back their time and budgetary resources, JustFOIA embraces the Spirit of Giving like no other. As well as peace of mind from pressing deadlines. After all, the cost in staff and time that records requests require can be challenging.

In 2016, the total estimated cost of all FOIA related activities breached $500M nationwide. Over 4,000 full-time employees are devoted to the administration of FOIA throughout the government. In contrast, agencies collected less than one percent of their cost to fulfill these requests.*

Fortunately, there is JustFOIA, the gift that keeps on giving.

In Smyrna, Georgia, our client spent hours to process a request. After implementing JustFOIA, this timeframe reduced to 15 minutes!

The Smyrna Police Department alone receives 1,200 requests every year. The time savings will add up! Read more about this on Smyrna’s Client Success Story.

We hope you enjoyed our Twelve Days on JustFOIA blog series. Request your consultation to see how JustFOIA will improve the way you work, contact us today.

Written by Cody Saults, Sales Associate

*Justice, D. o. (2017). Summary Of Annual FOIA Reports For Fiscal Year 2016. https://www.justice.gov/oip/reports/fy_2016_annual_report_summary.pdf/download.