"Any and All" Email Requests, Simplified.

Gain control of your Outlook Data Files (PST) and other requests that generate a mountain of response documents. Extract, review, sort, redact, and respond faster than ever before!

any and all Folder with electronic files incorporated

Ease the Burden of Fulfilling Requests

Email Extraction

Our email extraction tool makes reviewing and sorting large message files from IT a breeze. Quickly break apart a PST file into individual emails and their associated attachments.

Document Sort and Review

Our in-app document viewer with one-click sorting tools and custom folders streamlines organization.

Duplicate Detection

Auto-detection of duplicate emails reduces the number of files to review.

Bulk Actions

Speed up response time by bulk redacting many documents at once. Combine multiple documents into one PDF.

Watch "Any and All" Email PST Automation in Action


Our clients experienced a 34 percent increase in requests that reference “any and all” for email communication. These requests can generate thousands of responsive documents, and people often work in silos, such as Outlook, Adobe, and external document repositories.

Processing these requests makes tracking progress difficult without a centralized communication system, plus it impacts efficiency by limiting staff to tackle one request per person at a time. Watch this video to see how JustFOIA extracts PST files, simplifies the examination of emails and attachments, and eases the burden of fulfilling these types of requests.

The City of Ocala Tackles Email Requests

Our General Manager, Larry Davidson, interviewed the City of Ocala’s Records Manager, Gary Blasczienski, to discuss how he and his team uses the document management module. Watch this video to learn more about his experience.

"Using JustFOIA to manage any and all email requests has reduced my response time by 60 percent as compared to my former process."

government building
Gary Blasczienski
Records Manager

How You Benefit

JustFOIA is hosted on the world-class Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, providing maximum security and confidence for governments and their requesters.

One secure system tracks request history – what day the PST files were delivered, how many were contained, how long it took to examine the files, and which documents were delivered – providing a clear audit trail stored to your retention schedule. JustFOIA’s public-facing pages are ADA compliant, available 100 percent of the time, and operating at lightning speed.

Faster Response Time
Complete requests faster with parallel workflows — as one person can redact files while emails are still being sorted.

Let's Get Technical and Dig a Little Deeper

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Being SOC 2 certified requires that we follow strict information security policies and procedures, encompassing the security, availability, processing, integrity, and confidentiality of customer data. All of our employees go through CJIS training, security awareness training and have passed background checks. No contractors or part-time employees have access to customer data.

Additionally, the underlying infrastructure of JustFOIA is in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, which is fully CJIS compliant. Our dedicated internal team that handles security opportunities and disruption identification is led by our director of cloud technology and security is CISSP certified (#118986), the industry’s de facto security credential.

JustFOIA utilizes an advanced web traffic load balancer to distributes traffic among multiple servers to increase availability and performance for each customer. o web applications. While traditional load balancers operate at the transport layer (OSI layer 4), JustFOIA’s advanced routing capability is known as application layer (OSI layer 7) load balancing and gives our development team greater control in managing infrastructure and providing a lightning-fast software product that’s ready to work when you need it.