Eliminate Inbox Clutter with In-App Correspondence

You can finally give your inbox a break. Create transparency and simplify your communications both internally and externally with our solution.

Correspondence JustFOIA

Centralized Communication is Essential

Do you receive emails, internal chat messages, and sticky notes (yes, we hear it all!) from co-workers? How do you collect all information about a request that requires multi-departmental responses into a central location, providing a bird’s eye view across departments? See how the Correspondence and Discussion features within JustFOIA save your day:

Gain Transparency

All conversations (both internal and with requesters) are easily viewable, timestamped and archived.

Speed Up Teamwork

Allow admins, managers, and others to check the status of a request and see all communication threads.

Customize Communications

Design and automate common communications with templated messages and workflows.

Centralize Emails

Celebrate! No more lost emails, attachments, or notifications within personal accounts.

Our Clients Say

"The most positive thing I have seen from implementing JustFOIA is the communication transparency among our departments and requesters. Before JustFOIA, it wasn't easy to gain perspective on what was happening with each request. Let alone a reminder that tasks are due. Outlook, Excel spreadsheets, and whiteboards made it difficult to track. I did not expect the system to be so well received by the people who request records regularly. But both the local news agency and citizens use our website and sent positive reviews."