Laserfiche Integration Enhances Your Experience

Laserfiche and JustFOIA are the perfect power pack of automation for simplified records requests and content services. Retrieving records for records requests has never been easier.

Laserfiche and JustFOIA

Retrieving Records Has Never Been Easier

Single App Experience

Retrieve Laserfiche documents without ever leaving JustFOIA.

Granular Admin Control

Repository security access remains managed inside of Laserfiche. You simply decide who can access Laserfiche.

Multiple Ways to Access Files

Leverage records management edition (RME) retention schedules, shortcuts, and Laserfiche Web Client.

Archive Requests

Archive reports and requests directly into a specified folder on a Laserfiche repository.

Powerful, Intuitive Search

Search your repository by text, entry names, metadata, and more.

Favorite Locations

Create separate JustFOIA favorite locations for custom views and browse recent locations.

Watch the Laserfiche Integration in Action

Laserfiche users know the power of digital transformation. Combined with JustFOIA, users easily search and retrieve records without leaving the JustFOIA application. 

Why trust us with your Laserfiche integration? MCCi is a sister company of JustFOIA and holds the honor of being the largest Laserfiche solution provider globally. No other solution provider has the depth of knowledge or experience with Laserfiche than our team!

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Let's Get Technical and Dig a Little Deeper

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Yes. To utilize this integration, each user will need a full Laserfiche license. Don’t have a Laserfiche solution provider? Our sister company, MCCi is the largest Laserfiche solution provider in the world, with a focus on supporting the public sector.

Your Laserfiche users will appreciate the JustFOIA integration and support the value of an easy-to-use process for retrieving documents. Since this is a full two-way integration, leverage Laserfiche’s powerful records management tools to store completed requests and historic snapshot reports from JustFOIA. By integrating JustFOIA with your Laserfiche solution, you streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Laserfiche continues to evolve and adapt to the latest technology needs. Our integration is compatible with Laserfiche Cloud, Avante, Rio, and versions 9.2.1 or later.