Ada County Highway District Leverages the JustFOIA Training Center

We had the pleasure of speaking with Misty Perry, information records administrator of the Ada County Highway District, the only countywide highway district in Idaho.



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After years of processing records via hand-routing, faxing, and wet-ink signatures, Ada County knew they needed a change.

“Requests would get lost, turned into the wrong department, or before it got to the legal department, it was past our three-day mandatory period where we must respond. It wasn’t a very good system. To go from paper copies to JustFOIA was a tremendous leap in productivity. A lot of people at the district were looking for a solution. It’s unfortunate when people would call, and it was this long, arduous process to get a request done,” Misty Perry told us.

Perry and her associates did extensive research before deciding on a FOIA software solution. Though with the many features and our unique Training Center, Ada County knew JustFOIA was the perfect fit.

“We implemented JustFOIA in July of 2019. Before that, we researched what we should use and were initially looking at another software, but it didn’t have nearly as many features,” Perry emphasized. “We attended a webinar for JustFOIA, and the features it had were very useful.”

Once they had JustFOIA implemented, it was smooth sailing from there. With the Training Center, the heavy lifting wasn’t on IT or Perry to consistently train their entire staff.

“Initially, we met with each department and showed them how to use JustFOIA. There wasn’t much heavy lifting from an IT standpoint. I‘m only pulled in if there are simple questions. I refer people to the Training Center, and that helps me to answer any questions people might have.”

ACHD sports their no probllama stuff animal

The ACHD team sports their “no probllama” stuffed animal.

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