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What’s New in 2022?

Records requests are the core use case of our platform, keeping our development team focused on new client-feedback feature requests and upgrades. JustFOIA is a client-led platform – our clients review new updates or features (including button placement) through focus groups and surveys.   We are ecstatic to share our newest features – advanced reporting, dynamic forms, and “any

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Top Three Reasons School Districts Face Increasing Requests

With local and state governments seeing huge increases in public records requests, it should be no surprise that school districts are seeing similar surges in FOIA requests. Does this sound like what’s happening with your school district’s public records requests? You’re getting records requests about education hot button issues from the media, political groups, concerned

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JustFOIA Achieves CJIS Ready Seal

JustFOIA completed an independent assurance process resulting in the Criminal Justice Information Systems Security Policy (“CJIS”) ACE Compliance Seal, awarded by Diverse Computing. The CJIS ACE compliance audit process is the first and only industry standard process for compliance in accordance with the FBI CJIS Security Policy. During this comprehensive, intensive CJIS ACE evaluation, Diverse

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