Process Records Requests with Ease

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Social Distancing? No Prob-llama.

Many government offices were hit hard by COVID-19 and continue to struggle to maintain productivity in a remote setting. Those who began the digital transformation process or “went paperless” before the pandemic experienced a streamlined transition to telecommuting.

It is so crucial to have a public records solution that allows you to continue interacting with the public and keeps the requester abreast of their request’s status.

Fortunately, JustFOIA makes processing public records requests simple, regardless of whether your team is working in the office or remote.

JustFOIA provides a simplified approach to records management with the easiest to use dashboard on the market. With a robust set of features and options, there is a solution for every scenario you may come across, and our team steadily works to customize the platform to better fit our clients’ needs.

Reasons to implement a SaaS solution like JustFOIA:

  • Access to the JustFOIA dashboard and repository from anywhere
  • Availability for public-facing, online request forms
  • Online payment solutions in line with your needs
  • Pause Timer feature: giving you the ability to pause records requests while waiting on supplemental information
  • Keeps you in compliance with ever-changing state and local laws
  • Redaction options: auto-redacting within the platform or integrating with another tool
  • No handbook! We offer a comprehensive gamified training website that is perfect for onboarding remote employees and customizable for your organization
  • Top-notch security that comes standard for every JustFOIA user
Are you struggling to process records requests? Contact us today.