What’s New in 2022?

JustFOIA new features graphic

Records requests are the core use case of our platform, keeping our development team focused on new client-feedback feature requests and upgrades. JustFOIA is a client-led platform – our clients review new updates or features (including button placement) through focus groups and surveys.  

We are ecstatic to share our newest features – advanced reportingdynamic forms, and “any and all” document management – released in 2022 to empower your agency’s user experience.

Advanced Reporting

pages with reports

We make reviewing request data easy and efficient. Create more comprehensive and robust reports using advanced functionality to build custom views. Ad-hoc reports with charts and pivot tables export easily to share data across your organization.

A few examples:

  • User-selectable data points
  • User-defined date ranges
  • Save created reports
  • Ability to export data
advanced reporting screenshot

Dynamic Forms

clip board in front of laptop

A whole new form builder experience with conditional fields and responsive form design is here! Dynamic Forms change in real-time as the requester fills out the form and guides the user through the steps required to submit a request. Dynamic Forms make reviewing your request submissions easy and efficient. 

A few examples:

  • Gather more information based on the type of request or requester
  • Responsive to mobile devices
  • Drag and drop fields in order
  • Make conditional fields required
  • Option to make attachments required
dynamic forms screenshot

“Any and All” Document Management 

any and all Folder with electronic files incorporated

Gain control of your response documents and Outlook Data Files (PST) files. Extract, review, sort, redact, and respond faster than ever!

A few examples:

  • Create custom folders for easy sorting and organizing of documents
  • In-App document viewer
  • Quick action buttons
  • Extract and break apart PST files and their associated attachments
  • Sort and review large message files
  • Auto-detect duplicate emails
  • Bulk redact many documents
  • Combine documents into one PDF

Watch this video to see “Any and All” document management in action!


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