Records Request Software for Elections Offices

Are contentious national politics impacting your elections office? Some report receiving 10x more public records requests than they did a few years ago! Get a handle on your election office records request process with our easy-to-use FOIA software. 

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FOIA Solution for Supervisors of Elections

Supervisors of Elections and other election authorities play a key role in upholding our democracy. But with the atmosphere of fear and mistrust surrounding elections, your office needs to remain as transparent as possible—particularly when it comes to records requests. Make sure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s (and that you have the documentation to prove it) with JustFOIA.

Modernize Your Response Processes

Automate Workflows

Leave the office on time for once! Save time on every step with Workflow Automation.

Prove Compliance

Don’t get caught off-guard. Audit trails keep a record of every request, its status, its completion date, even when requesters download files.

Minimize Security Risks

Your data is encrypted and protected by world-class security and compliance infrastructure.

Redact Efficiently

Quick and painless in-app and integrated options to protect sensitive data.

Publish High-Interest Records

Cut back on request volume by proactively publishing voter rolls or other high-interest records through the Public Portal.

Keep Citizens Informed

Centralized, public portal for anyone to search, submit, track, correspond, and pay.

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Protecting Public Trust Through Transparency

Governments must ensure that public trust remains intact, especially in times of crisis. This is easier said than done, though, because funding transparency efforts with tight budgets and limited resources presents a challenge for local government offices.

Fortunately, technology such as JustFOIA fills that transparency gap between government and communities to create an environment of trust and accountability.

Keep Your Office in Compliance

JustFOIA can be used in every department by unlimited users. Include internal departments, external agencies, third parties, and anyone else you need to communicate within the solution. JustFOIA is the way to simplify all public records and retention requirements.

Our Clients Manage These Common Request Types

Our Clients Say

We were handling requests through email and with spreadsheets and Post-It notes before. JustFOIA has streamlined our process and eliminated confusion. Requestors receive documents faster, and we spend less time fulfilling requests.