Workflow Automation

Reduce your current records request response time by automating repetitive tasks and communications. Soon you’ll look back and wonder why you waited this long!

The Power of Workflow

Route Departmental Tasks

In as little as a few clicks, route the request and tasks to the correct divisions within your organization.

Escalate Past Due Tasks

When a request is at-risk of missing deadlines, you may automatically escalate to supervisors.

Stay in Compliance

Due dates and timelines are customizable to match your state and local requirements.

Pause Due Dates

Your team may halt the request timeline while waiting on the requester for a response or payment.

Automagic Workflow for Every Day Efficiency

Stop wasting time with repetitive mundane tasks. When there’s no process guiding staff, it’s easy to feel out of the loop and become unproductive. Workflow automation saves time and boosts efficiency. It’s a series of automated actions that improve everyday processes and bring collaboration to a whole new level. It’s the smart and seamless way to keep large teams in sync — automagically. 

Solution Features

Our Clients Love Automation

Recently, I shared with another city clerk to do herself a favor and call JustFOIA. Stop using spreadsheets and make your life and citizens’ lives easier. The hardest part of the decision was overcoming the fear of where to start. We decided this fear was not going to hold us back. Of course, we found holes in our processes and little things along the way, but we worked through it - and now we love our new process.