Records Requests

Whether you’re processing records for FOIA, FOIL, KORA, ORA, PIA, CORA, FOI, or any other type of public records laws, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to modernize your process with the easiest-to-use records request management software available — guaranteed!

Digitize Your Records Requests Process

We know your organization faces increasing demand for records requests along with budget and resource constraints. As a result, government agencies like yours use our software to manage records requests communication with their community to create an environment of trust and accountability through transparencyBy deploying technology, you can meet the rising demand and citizen expectations by taking your process online. 

We offer the easiest-to-use records request software on the market that manages every step of the process from intake to delivery. Our cloud-based solution empowers you to save valuable time by automating repetitive tasks, such as assignments, reminders, and communication with all parties involved. Free your team from manual processes by leveraging technology to modernize your records requests process.

Modernize Your Response Processes

Centralize Requests Management

Your customized portal logs all relevant request information. Instantly know the status of every request at a glance.

Keep Your Citizens Informed

Centralized, public portal for anyone to search, submit, track, correspond and pay.

Minimize Security Risks

Your data is encrypted and protected by world-class security and compliance infrastructure.

Build Efficiency Through Redaction

Quick and painless in-app and integrated options to protect sensitive data.

Save Time Through Workflow Automation

Let JustFOIA handle the details of notifications, reminders, escalation, routing and tracking.

Gain Performance Insight

Detailed reporting provides a bigger picture of your process.

Say goodbye to managing numerous spreadsheets, mile-high email threads, and folders full of attachments. Instead, keep your entire records requests process in one place from receiving the initial request to delivering the final redacted and approved records.

Modern requesters expect to have access to make requests, communicate with you, and pay for what they want online. Our software enables you to do this and much more. Learn more about how citizens will benefit from JustFOIA’s Public Portal.

We're Always Making Continuous Improvements for You!

We innovate by working closely with our public-sector clients through user groups, our industry-exclusive development ideas portal, monthly live training webinars, and long-lasting partnerships. We are a leader in the records request management software market thanks to our clients’ regular feedback. 

You have brilliant ideas, and we have wicked-smart developers who bring them to life!

JustFOIA and the MCCi team are our superheroes!
JustFOIA for Government
Mary Siddons
Boca Raton, FL

JustFOIA is designed for security first. That’s why every JustFOIA instance comes standard with the highest security available for hosted government software, at no additional charge — fortified for your agency’s maximum protection.

Our solution offers powerful, integrated redaction features. The in-app tool allows unlimited redaction users to upload and redact documents within the system. Having the capability to automatically redact sensitive data with a single click or create custom redaction rules that save time and resources for your office is a big deal! 


Meet compliance regulations and shave days or weeks off your current records request process by automating repetitive tasks and communications. Your work life just got easier!

Detailed reporting comes standard with JustFOIA and allows records managers to keep staff in every department accountable.

Kissimmee Benefits from Reporting

The greatest benefit [for us] increased situational awareness for everything that is going on. Sometimes, multiple team members are working on a request. If done in individual email accounts, we couldn’t see the progress.

JustFOIA allows a 30,000-foot view of progress with all requests within the system. As a result, we can determine why things are bottlenecking to move things forward. For example, in Development Services, there are so many divisions and responsibilities – imagine if five people were assigned to one request.

Each division is now a department within the system, so the requests are being routed efficiently. Our process continues to evolve, and JustFOIA allows us to grow with it!