Streamline Management of Subpoena Requests

Leverage JustFOIA’s powerful tracking and automation workflows to manage your subpoena process and improve efficiency. Centralize and streamline the communication between courts, law enforcement, attorneys to ensure compliance with all subpoena obligations.

Subpoena Request JustFOIA

Improve Your Subpoena Request Process

Centralize Requests Management

Your customized portal logs all relevant subpoena information. Instantly know the status of every subpoena at a glance.

Enhance Communication

Ensure everyone stays on the same page with automatic notifications, due-date reminders and email templates.

Minimize Security Risks

Fortified assurance for peace of mind and regulatory compliance.

Deliver Documents On Time

There are no limits on amount or file size. Plus, see when they are downloaded.

Save Time Through Workflow Automation

Let JustFOIA handle the details of notifications, reminders, escalation, routing and tracking.

Gain Performance Insight

Detailed reporting provides a bigger picture of your process.

Centralized Subpoena Management

Subpoena management has too many cooks in the kitchen. Law enforcement, private attorneys, and the courts are all managing their part of the process. JustFOIA provides a centralized portal that is: 


A centralized portal allows you to manage subpoenas and eliminate excess emails and phone calls. Say goodbye to miscommunication, confusing email threads, and lost attachments!


Configure each piece of your process from the initial request to the delivery of the completed documents.

Create customized forms, email templates, routing requirements, and reports to fit your process best. 


Assign, route, escalate, track, and report on each subpoena so all involved parties can easily stay up-to-date and in the know.