Secure Access with Single Sign-On

Take the first step in enhanced sign-on security with a smooth user experience and simplified support. With single sign-on, users have a frictionless sign-in experience and IT management can properly control employee identity in a central place.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On Benefits

Tightened IT Security

Allow IT to control, monitor, and provision access while reducing breach risk with their Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and password rules.

Simplified Support

Reduce reliance and support issues stemming from authentication issues.

Reduced Password Fatigue

Never forget a password again or (even worse) use the same manual password as other sites.

Increased User Efficiency

Single Sign-On saves up to 20 seconds each time a user logs into the system.

How Single Sign-On Works

Single Sign On Process JustFOIA

Common Enterprise Connections:

Let's Get Technical and Dig a Little Deeper

You've got questions. We've got answers.

No, there is no limit to the number of JustFOIA users that may authenticate with our optional Single Sign-On integration.

All new users that log in via the SSO provider are created within JustFOIA automatically under a View-Only permissions role. Of the four user roles – Administrator, Power User, User, and Viewer – the Viewer has the least access to the system so it’s the most secure initial setup. Permissioned access within JustFOIA is managed by the system Administrator while your organization’s IT management can instantly deprovision access if an employee were to leave.

Not all users in the system need authentication with your SSO provider. The user administration page will allow you to manage existing users. In addition, you can stop the automatic redirection to your SSO provider and reach the manual log-in page by using a specific URL.

JustFOIA does not store user authentication data. Instead, it makes a call to your identity service every time. When someone leaves the organization and your internal IT team removes their access from your central identity servicetheir access to JustFOIA is also removed.

Your requesters access their requests in a separate place (Public Portal) and use a separate authentication system than internal users. If anyone outside of your organization try to access to your internal system, their credentials would not be authenticated and they would be blocked.