Simplify Your Requests with Custom Online Forms.

Toss the scattered paper forms and fillable PDFs with custom, electronic, web-based forms. You are not limited to just one form. We encourage a strategic approach based on your organization’s needs, even if it means multiple forms. This is where it all begins – digital forms allow you to work in a paperless environment from the start!

JustFOIA Custom Forms

Custom Electronic Forms Features

It does not matter how your records requests are received – walk-ins, incoming calls, e-mails, snail mail, or even written on a napkin – we hear it all! How can you benefit from online form submissions?

Submit Requests Anonymously

Most local and state laws allow requesters to remain anonymous.

Forms with Required Fields

Missing information delays response time. Required fields collect the information you need to complete the request - saving time and resources.

Forms for Each Department

Don't feel restricted to one form! Create forms for each department.

No More Paper or Fillable Forms

Make your process "smart" from the start.

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