Stop Processing Payments Manually

JustFOIA’s Payment Portal allows you to add and issue fees for records requests, invoice requestors, and log payments in one centralized interface.

Payment Portal

Integrate with Your Current Payment Provider

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NCR (JetPay)

By investing in a records requests management solution, you enable your organization to consistently and accurately recover fulfillment expenses (labor and supplies) for each request.  

How? By charging citizens for more complex submissions. The fee schedule established for each request can recover expenses from the overhead and supplies needed to complete the fulfillment process.

Revenue Management with Payment Portal

Eliminate Manual Processes

Recoup hours spent communicating with requestors, manually tracking time and expenses, and invoicing and receiving payments.

Secure Payments

No more handwritten credit card numbers laying around. Payment Portal transactions are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant.

Centralize Fee Management

Invoice requesters and post payments in one centralized interface.

Streamline Estimates & Invoices

Save hours with fast estimating and invoicing for requests.

Establish Fee Reporting

Make your finance department happy by tracking individual fees per request.

Meet Citizen Expectations

Citizens expect the government to provide the same level of service as other vendors offering self-service, online payments and digital support.

For more – see “What is a Payment Gateway” in the FAQ below.

Records Requests as a Profit Center

Reporting, tracking, and processing fees for records requests can become a new revenue stream for your agency. Imagine the ability to quickly notify requesters of estimated costs and receive payments instantly before spending your resources on abandoned or excessive requests.

JustFOIA Payment Portal revolutionizes your records requests management process, reduces wasted effort, and makes your department a profit center for your agency!

“It is unbelievable how easy it is for our Finance Department to verify payments via and match the balances with JustFOIA payment reports. Before the payment portal, our staff would call the requester when payments were declined. The time it takes to search for data reduced by approximately 70 percent after the portal went live! Previously, our administrative assistant processed every transaction per vendor and kept track of every payment. Now, JustFOIA allows us to pull one report each day and provide that information to the finance department.”

Let's get technical and dig a little deeper

You've got questions. We've got answers.

A payment gatewayfacilitates the secure transfer of transactions from a merchant to a third-party payment processor associated with the merchant’s acquiring bank. Gateways often offer additional services like reporting, and checks on transactional data, such as message formatting, automatic tax calculation, and fraud detection.

A merchant account is a financial institution or bank account used by an organization specifically to collect proceeds from the consumer bank account or credit card payment transactions. You must have a merchant account to use a payment gateway. A merchant account is a separate agreement between your agency and the payment service provider and is not provided by JustFOIA.

Brookhaven Police Department Streamlines Payments

“Now, with JustFOIA, we get more payments through JustFOIA than the city clerk’s office,” emphasized Smith. 

“It was beneficial for both departments. We recouped thousands of dollars and organized everything. Making payments online streamlined the process and eliminated a trip to our office to drop off a check that then has to make its way to finance, possibly getting lost in the process.”

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