The Eleventh Day on JustFOIA – Laserfiche Intergration

On the 11th Day on JustFOIA - Santa's library image

On the eleventh day on JustFOIA, my Clerk said to me, – we can quickly find our records from the Laserfiche repository.

When all through the town, requests were stirring, but no records found.

The documents stored in Laserfiche with care, in hopes, to release for citizens who soon would be there.

Are you using Laserfiche to store your files? With a click of a button, the documents will attach to a specific request.

Laserfiche integration creates a seamless process to export records into your JustFOIA solution.

JustFOIA's Laserfiche integration that allows for archiving screenshot
JustFOIA’s Laserfiche integration that allows for archiving records or importing documents.

Written by Misty Bull, Sales Associate