On the Fifth Day on JustFOIA – Reporting

2019 JustFOIA CAM 5th day blog graphic

On the fifth day on JustFOIA, my Clerk said to me, check on the status of the bottlenecks happening.

‘Tis the season to go beyond completing records requests and begin to understand them using the reporting feature in JustFOIA.

Our clients value JustFOIA reporting because it provides relevant data in an organized and straightforward manner – including charts and graphs! When our clients have a greater understanding of the data produced by these requests, they can solve issues before they arise.

See how it works:

Reporting is a tool that can be very advantageous when used correctly. That is why JustFOIA is designed to adapt to your business process. Reporting also lets our clients record and track data. With over nine different report types, it has never been easier to access and keep a history of any meaningful data.

Written by Caleb Waltersdorf, Sales Associate