New Features Released

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We released new features to your JustFOIA solution!
No action is required on your part to start using these new features. We posted a video on the Training Center for JustFOIA to show some of the new enhancements.
Printer-Friendly Requests
In a world of electronic records and requests, we understand the need to print still. JustFOIA now provides a printer-friendly version of a request.
User-Based Hourly Rates
The hourly cost of a request can vary based on the person completing the work. The new job title hourly rate feature allows rates to be associated with a job, in which the user’s job title is assigned. By utilizing this feature, the hourly cost will automatically generate based on the user.
Pay and Fee Enhancements
The payment and fee module received the most attention in this version point release. Check out some of the updates!
  • Requester’s contact information is automatically added to an invoice.
  • Invoice details now appear on the requester’s invoice.
  • Invoices can automatically add time (actual or estimated) and calculate feeds based on hourly rates.
  • Your organization name now appears on the third-party fee receipts paid through the Public Portal.
  • A system email can be sent to let department power users know a fee has been paid.
  • A system email can be sent to let the requester know a fee has been issued or canceled.
  • Documents can be released when a specified percentage of an invoice has been paid.
  • The Time and Materials module allows users to add, view, and or delete line items.

Other Feature Enhancements

This update included minor adjustments, some of which we listed below.
  • Admin users can view data usage for their JustFOIA solution.
  • The ability to upload attachments on a public-facing form can now be disabled.
  • The users can view their forms and departments groups
  • Users can retroactively complete the requester’s fields as needed.
  • Daily Digest report links are hyperlinked (fixed)
  • File description column missing in response documents (fixed)
  • Updated help documentation and new videos in The Training Center
  • and much, much more!
If you need any assistance, please contact our technical support team.
Many of these updates began with a suggestion from a JustFOIA user. If you have an idea that you want to see in a future update, please email your suggestion to
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