Recovering Expenses

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By investing in a public records requests management solution, your organization can consistently and accurately recover the expense of fulfilling each request.

How? By charging citizens for more complex submissions. The fee schedule established for each request can help pay for overhead and supplies needed to complete the fulfillment process.

Did you know that invoicing and processing payments can be accomplished online within the JustFOIA solution?

JustFOIA has both an invoice-generation feature and payment portal for sending invoices and receiving payments. It’s as simple as logging in to the JustFOIA solution. With the revenue generated by charging the public for their more complicated open records inquiries, you can offset expenses by implementing a records request management solution.

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Examples of the types of fees that our public-sector clients are charging for include the following:

  • The hourly time it takes a staff member to process a request (some states may not be able to charge for this)
  • Material costs – like a USB drive, CDs or DVDs, paper copies, and faxing correspondence

Is your organization interested in reducing costs and improving internal processes for public records requests? Request a demo today!