On the Second Day on JustFOIA – Correspondence

2019 JustFOIA CAM 2nd day graphic

On the second day on JustFOIA, my Clerk said to me, hop onto the Dashboard and send correspondence to the third parties.

One of the great holiday traditions is Christmas cards. Not to sound like an old Grinch, but when I was a kid, Christmas cards were a much simpler process. Today, it’s a whole family ordeal that involves dressing in matching outfits, the hiring of a photographer, fighting with kids to participate with smiles, finding a suitable location, and even getting the family dogs to participate. Once we get the perfect picture, it creates more work:

  • Choosing the right card backdrop
  • Selecting the ideal wording that encapsulates the holiday spirit
  • Printing the cards
  • Stuffing the envelopes
  • Double-checking the mailing addresses of friends and family
  • Deciding which friends and family made the Christmas card list
  • Buying holiday stamps
  • Mailing the cards, hopefully in time for Valentine’s Day

Why do we do this? I think we go through the process because, if you like receiving Christmas Cards, it’s part of an unspoken contract that if you want to receive, you must also give. I wish there were an easier way.

Correspondence with Public Records Requests is necessary, it can be time-consuming, and it can be inefficient. Unlike the Christmas Card process, however, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Watch this short video see just how easy it can be to communicate with your requesters!

With JustFOIA, our clients can have pre-built templates, automated email notifications tied to specific events and timelines, and best of all, they never have to include the family dogs!

If you want to see how you can make the correspondence process more efficient with your public records requests, reach out to us, we will be happy to show you how. No stamps required!

Written by Scott Mursten, Senior Account Executive