On the Seventh Day on JustFOIA – Workflow

On the 7th day on JustFOIA - Santa's workshop workflow concept

On the seventh day on JustFOIA, my Clerk said to me, don’t worry about remembering every little step along the way, because JustFOIA’s Workflow will make that easy.

Hosting the Holiday! What a great idea, so exciting to see family and enjoy the holiday all together under one roof. As a kid, the idea is pure magic. As an adult, nobody tells you how much work there is to do to have fun! Shopping for gifts and food, cleaning and decorating the house (inside and out!), cooking, wrapping gifts, cooking, cleaning dishes….holy smokes! It exhausts me. How do we get it all done? If only planning for the holidays was as simple as processing public records requests with JustFOIA’s Workflow feature!

With JustFOIA’s flexible Workflow options, we can easily assign tasks, track the progress, escalate tasks when necessary, require approvals on tasks or even have the entire workflow process automated.

Watch this short video to learn more about how the Workflow feature works:

Santa should have it this easy!

Written by Scott Mursten, Senior Sales Associate