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Process Records Requests with Ease

Social Distancing? No Prob-llama. Many government offices were hit hard by COVID-19 and continue to struggle to maintain productivity in …

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Government Deserves the Best Records Request Software Partner

Choosing the right service provider is equally as important as the software itself. The software may fit the needs of …

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Company Announcements

A Tribute to Dale Barstow After 50 Years of Service

Hello to our Municipal Clerks and IIMC members! I was initially going to do this message in person at the …

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Company AnnouncementsFeatures

Rapid Response Feature Developed Specifically to Assist During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many states, such as Texas, suspended the fulfillment of records requests. In March, several government bodies …

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JustFOIA Workflow Design
FeaturesVersion Releases

Workflow Design Released

Continuing with our JustFOIA 4.0 Release Highlights, this blog focuses on the Task Assignment and Workflow feature capabilities within JustFOIA.

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JustFOIA's Fall 2019 Recipe for Success ingredient book
Version Releases

JustFOIA v4.0 Release Updates

JustFOIA Version 4.0 is one of our most ambitious updates, introducing an improved experience to our core JustFOIA solution. In …

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Our Culture

Caring beats just about any strategy out there!

Donny Barstow’s involvement in leadership started with being the team captain in sports, becoming the President of his fraternity in college, …

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FOIA Related

Celebrating Sunshine Week

Did you know that Sunshine Week was established by The American Society of News Editors back in 2005? They chose …

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FOIA Related

Transparency in Public Records Requests  

Transparency in Public Records Requests has become a very real concern for many Records Managers; citizens want to know what is going on …

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