Three Reasons Why Size Doesn’t Matter (When Considering IT)

small town courthouse

Contributor: Scott Mursten, Account Executive

As a sales consultant offering software solutions to local government, I often hear “we are too small for something like that.” For the most part, I’ve agreed and understood that smaller municipalities or special districts had smaller budgets. It made sense that they didn’t require the IT tools that a larger organization may require.

Recently I’ve had some conversations with smaller organizations that have made me rethink this position.

Smaller budgets don’t necessarily preclude an organization from the need or financial capability to assume enhanced IT tools.

Here are three reasons why smaller organizations may have a larger need or financial justification for investing in IT:

1. Growing Organization

Municipalities in a fast-growth environment require decisions that look forward. If your city or county is growing rapidly, you need to grow with them and have the tools in place to meet the challenges that are inevitable to come.

2. You are wearing too many hats!

Smaller organizations require their staff to multi-task and perform the job duties that delegate in a larger organization. Wearing too many hats can work if the right tools are in place to maximize the efficiency of those tasks. If the choice is between software tools or a new person, many times, the software can be much less expensive than increasing headcount. Software never calls in sick!

3. Scaled pricing

Many software providers scale their pricing based on various factors to make solutions cheaper for a smaller organization. Be sure to look at a scaled pricing option, and you may be surprised that the IT tools you require are more affordable than you think.

Are there any other reasons why smaller organizations can better justify investing in IT? Get in touch – we’d love to know what you think!