Transparency in Public Records Requests  

person holding stack of papers

Transparency in Public Records Requests has become a very real concern for many Records Managers; citizens want to know what is going on behind the scenes, and generally, they want it yesterday.

Having a solution that helps keep your organization in compliance with FOIA and State laws while being transparent to the public is essential in today’s digital age.

JustFOIA was created to help maintain a sense of transparency from a public organization for its citizens. Thanks to the step-by-step, customizable features of JustFOIA, communication between the organization and requestor has never been easier. The public can rest assured their requests are being completed in a timely manner and your organization can have a central place to track the status of requests.  

The confidence of the public is also something to consider when thinking of a Public Records Management Solution. If the public is not provided access to specific documents that comply with the Freedom of Information Act, they feel cheated and as if the organization is hiding information. By making your agency’s records public and easily accessible for the masses, people will feel a better sense of trust in your organization. In conjunction with the morale of the public, organizations will also see a rise in the team-sprit from their employees. When employees are given specific deadlines with a clear idea of what they need to complete, they take a sense of pride in their job and that will pass through the entire department.  

Not only will you see employees’ state of mind increase due to their work-life improvements, but the amount of money saved by avoiding fines (from delays in processing) and the increase from revenue generated by charging for specific records supports the operating budget overall. By becoming transparent in public records, your agency will immediately see these three things happen: an increase in public trust, in employee morale, and in working capital. All of which can only benefit an organization’s reputation long term.