JustFOIA v4.0 Release Updates

JustFOIA's Fall 2019 Recipe for Success ingredient book

JustFOIA Version 4.0 is one of our most ambitious updates, introducing an improved experience to our core JustFOIA solution. In this major release, we focused on adding many highly requested features geared toward making it easier to manage the process of request fulfillment.

Version 4.0 Additions and Enhancements Recipe for Success:

JustFOIA's Fall 2019 Recipe for Success ingredient book

Security Assurance

JustFOIA is deployed using best practices in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. The Microsoft Azure Government cloud was built upon the foundational principles of security, privacy and control, compliance, and transparency. JustFOIA is deployed in a physically isolated instance of Microsoft Azure that employs world-class security and compliance services critical to the U.S. government for all systems and applications built on its +architecture. All inbound and outbound traffic to JustFOIA is controlled through a Layer7 load balancer and a Web Application Firewall.network.


Our video-based, on-demand training for JustFOIA covers everything from basic user functions to more complex administration and automation features. The Training Center can be a resource for ramping up new staff members, helping existing employees brush up on their skills, or teaching your team about new or advanced features. This comprehensive training website provides an easy, cost-effective way to provide training to all users in your organization. The Training Center can help you maximize your JustFOIA investment.


tasks screenshot

Create tasks and assign them out to individual users as well as departments. Tasks can have their own due dates, notifications, approvals and can even be escalated to another user if not completed in time.

Assignments & Workflow

Now you can add a department after tasks have already been assigned out. No more canceling for everyone and sending it back out! Assign to the wrong department? No problem! Now you can just reassign it to the correct one.

Workflow settings

Defaults for Assignments

Have a specific set of tasks that always get assigned out to a department? Save time by defaulting them. In the new Workflow Settings area of your drop-down user menu, you can set default tasks, departments, email notifications and more.

Request List

At a glance, you can see which departments are working on a request and how much progress they’ve made. We added new standard fields for workflow tracking, all of which you can customize to suit your needs.


There are many new system email templates for workflow-related notifications, such as department completion, status changes, workflow reminders, and approvals. We also added the ability to toggle activation of individual system emails on and off.


Three new reports have been created: User Task Activity, User Request Summary, and Tasks. These reports provide a granular account of what tasks a specific user is working on or has completed. Find them in your Reports drop-down menu.

User Permissions

Set up your users to add additional users to tasks, reassign tasks, approve tasks, stop a workflow, or designate them as an escalation user. By default, Admins and Power Users can determine a request’s next status and assign it to a user/department.

New Help Docs

JustFOIA is easy to use and we want to be helpful, too. So, with such a comprehensive update, we’ve rewritten our help documentation while adding new screenshots and videos throughout. We hope it helps!

Structured Workflows

Leverage the power of automation to quickly move requests through your organization. Let JustFOIA route a request from beginning to end, automatically alerting departments and assigning them their tasks until all documents are ready to deliver. This option is available for an additional fee.

And Much More

Display your password when logging in, new Dashboard icons and quick-links and task-related columns on the Requests list are just some of the extras we’ve packed into this major release.

Interested in learning more about how JustFOIA can streamline your business processes? Contact us today!

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