Workflow Design Released

JustFOIA Workflow Design

Continuing with our JustFOIA 4.0 Release Highlights, this blog focuses on the Task Assignment and Workflow feature capabilities within JustFOIA.

How Does It Work?

Once a public records request is received, our workflow feature makes assigning the request or task(s) to complete the request easy. Structuring the records request business process through a workflow design allows for immediate notifications that can be sent to the relevant department or personnel, expediting the process of fulfilling a request.

The benefit of having this business process automation in place will prevent bottlenecks from occurring as often.

You can create tasks and assign them out to individual users as well as departments, in addition to the standard assignments established in the workflow module. Tasks can have due dates, notifications, approvals, and may be escalated to another user if not completed on time.

v4.0 Workflow Settings
JustFOIA Workflow Settings

Here are a few examples of how you may configure your organization’s workflow:

• Customize user views and permissions
• Monitor fees & time estimates
• Route tasks among various departments
• Reassign tasks for escalation when needed

JustFOIA gives you the capability to view all actions that occur on a workflow process too. View request statuses, users, departments assigned, tasks, and dates.

If this sounds like the solution you have been searching for, we are ready to empower you to take back your workday! Contact us today to schedule a personalized consultation.