See JustFOIA In Action.

Please wait a few seconds for the demo to load. Once it loads, you will have the opportunity to select the categories that interest you the most and the demonstration will play according to your priorities. Happy watching!

Why is JustFOIA is the Right Choice for Your Organization?

Records Available on Public Archive

Give access to your Public Portal for easy access to common documents.

Improves CX & Transparency

Communicate with everyone internally and externally with requesters.

Helps You to Stay in Compliance

Customizable to meet your state and local laws so you never miss a deadline.

Significantly Reduce Foot Traffic

Requesters no longer have to come to the office to complete a request.

Saves You Critical Time

Our customers are able to process a request in 15 minutes or less!

Cuts Overhead Costs

Save costs associated with manually processing, searching for and archiving records.

Request More Information About JustFOIA

Fill out this form to request a demo, quote, or more information about JustFOIA. We will respond within one business day. Please note: We do not process records requests for individuals - please contact the agency of record.