Three Simple Rules of Communication

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Technology keeps us well connected, yet it is ironically easy to lack quality communication with others in the process. You know the feeling – emails piling up, phones ringing off the hook, and people walking in and out of the office all day asking for information.

Projects get put on the back burner and get lost in the shuffle. Some days are so full; you might not even remember what you did! We can relate, 100%. That’s why we created a public records request solution to help streamline communications with your citizens.

Here are three best practices that our team recommends to help you stay in touch with your citizens in a customer-centric way:

1. Provide Contact Information

Providing contact information may seem like a no-brainer. We’ve come across plenty of agency websites that don’t list proper contact information or don’t make the contact information easy enough for the requesters to find. Make sure all pertinent contact information is accurate and easily accessible.

2. Stay in Touch

FOIA requests aren’t all equal. Some are extremely easy to process while others are a bit more complex. It’s important to remember that setting appropriate expectations with your citizens will help them feel confident that you understand what they’re seeking. If something changes, stay in touch.

3. Improve Public Relations

The never-ending saga of the ever-filling inbox, full of questions regarding public records can be exhausting. Each response on your end will show your attentiveness to detail and shed light on the type of organization you represent. It’s important to remember that the public cares a great deal about the information they have requested. Furthermore, citizens don’t always have the highest trust when it comes to transparency with public records. Make a difference, show that you care, and improve public relations, one requestor at a time.

Committing to these three simple communication principles can go an incredibly long way.

Accomplishing records management objectives within your organization will increase by applying these recommendations.

Are you interested in learning more about how JustFOIA’s public records solution can help you improve communications with your citizens? Track public records requests by eliminating spreadsheets and private inbox correspondence! Contact us today.