Lien Search Requests

As the real estate market skyrockets, so is the demand for property lien searches. Start the process without paper with a simple, online form and manage the entire process, including payments, in one solution.

Modernize Your Lien Response Processes

Centralize Requests Management

Your configurable portal logs all relevant request information. Instantly know the status of every one at a glance.

Keep Your Citizens Informed

Centralized, public portal for anyone to search, submit, track, correspond and pay.

Stay in Compliance

Your data is encrypted and protected by world-class security and compliance infrastructure.

Instantly Collect Payments

Issue invoices, accept virtually any type of payment, and generate reports for your finance department.

Save Time Through Workflow Automation

Let JustFOIA handle the details of notifications, reminders, escalation, routing and tracking.

Gain Performance Insight

Detailed reporting provides a bigger picture of your process.

Our Clients Say

"Now, I have peace of mind knowing everything is in one place, in JustFOIA. I do not have any stress about it. It's life-changing."
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City Clerk Kim Flower
City of Atlantic Beach Florida

JustFOIA centralizes lien search discussions and brings the communication, approvals, and sign-offs from each department into one place.

Each division can still manage data in its preferred system, and the complex tasks of assembling, certifying, sharing, and retaining lien search records are solved. 

Make Lien Search Forms User Friendly

Say goodbye to the endless wrangling of multiple paper forms and fillable PDFs for lien search requests.  

Centralize Lien Correspondence

Create custom workflows to automatically route your lien requests to the right people, in the right way -- every time.

Customize Email Responses

Save time writing duplicate emails to staff and requestors with customizable email templates and routing procedures.

Sign & Certify Documents Before Release

Every department can sign and certify their documents to provide requesters with the latest, most accurate lien data.

Receive Payments Online

Auto-generate invoices for requesters' fees before fulfilling requests, and receive lien payoffs with the Payment Portal.


See how the City of Kissimmee, FL, reduced their lien search time by 70 percent and created a profit center.

We generated $40,000 in revenue by charging $30 per lien request and $75 for a rush request.

Let's Get Technical and Dig a Little Deeper

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Self-service lien tools are dependent on every department responsible for storing and keeping their records up to date, always.

This scenario causes errors in the request process and requires staff to search responses to verify that the data is correct manually.

Yes. Responses can be retained within your solution according to your retention schedule.

There’s no additional cost for you to process additional types of requests.

Great! We are here to empower you. Simply complete our Request a Demo form to expand on your needs.